Sir, I want to say a big THANK YOU TO YOU, for given me the last solution to my endless spending on seminars, I’ve spent a lot of money from the time G.S.M ENGINEERIG WORKSHOP, started, Alh. KAREEM BANKOLE, CHINEDU DAVID and others knows me very well, but I had never received the key to my saying (DISCOVERD TO UNCOVERED YOUR WEALTH). Sir, immediately after the INTERNET STREAMS 2008 SEMINAR, MY FINANCIAL STATUE CHANGE, though I’ve not make any dollar, but i now spend dollar. I’ve being able to secure a good office space, bought an Honda accord car, stop my wife from paid job, open two special account and now, I’m the source of solution to my FAMILY AND CHURCH.


I’ve compiled the step by step method i used to make instant N45, 000, N357, 000 and N70, 000 from CUSTOMIZED BUSINESS, RESALE RIGHT E-BOOK YOU GAVE US  AND WEBSITE DESIGN PARKAGE Respectively. In total I’ve made N472, 000 WITHIN A MONTH. I wish i can have the opportunity of sharing my step by step method with all the participant of your past seminar, especially those that I’ve not made even 100naira

God Bless You Business Impact

DAVID SUNKANMI OLALEKAN, davbankonline@yahoo.com

Dear Sam,

Thank you for helping me to produce and make good money from my first info product.

After the Saturday December 12, 2009 Seminar, I decided to put some action. I produced my info product and went ahead to promote it. Though you said we should wait till January because people don’t buy info products in December, but I did not buy that idea so I went ahead to do an advert. Between December 17th & 31st 2009, I made N200, 000 (Two hundred Thousand naira) and between January 1st & February 15th 2010, I made additional N320, 000 (Three hundred and twenty thousand naira)

I really do not have much time for this business but this is an eye opener. I just have to create time for it now.

Once again thank you, God bless you.

Mr.Toni Alausa.

I participated in the blog customization lessons among others for the first time on the 13th of May, 2011. I started attending the free seminars of Mr. Olatunde Sampson (Biz Impact) after a frustrating experience with an Info Marketer Tutor. I have had no cause to regret because Mr. Sampson’s passionate desire to raise people financially has translated into a practical easy – to – understand – Mentorship. I’m a beneficiary of this as I’ve made my first N50,000 and presently following up on other prospects including a N250,000 blog creation and customization job; all within one month from blogging alone. Just follow the blogging video and create blogs for clients in few minutes! Follow the teachings and begin to earn without financial capital!!! It’s real!!! It doesn’t disturb what you’re presently doing even though you can make it a full time business. Blog/Website management is a different ballgame. My marketing strategies cannot be ignored.

I have come to discover that the durability, flexibility, potentiality and profitability of Internet Business is astronomically immense. It is also cost effective in respect of start-up capital. There are even some of its business models (e.g. blogging) one can start-up with relatively zero financial capital. It doesn’t require physical rigours, and as such, a good one for retirement.

One of the reasons I resigned my appointment is to build empires of and through Internet Business. Mr. Sampson has been helpful whom God has graciously made a blessing to people like me. The pressure to resign my appointment skyrocketed when I refused to give in to external pressures to do things against my belief as one who serves God. Moreover, the demands of my former work place far exceeded what I was been paid as salary.

I have no cause to regret the decision I reached as I’m presently benefiting from applying what I’m learning from blogging alone. See first paragraph. I’m also incorporating a total Logistics and Supply chain solutions company at the time of this writing, which when ready, would definitely remove every limitation of going out for bigger businesses. I now own my time!

I pray that God would continue to expand and enhance the horizons of Mr. Olatunde Sampson and his team (Biz Impact Ltd).

Thank you.

Mr. Itoro E. , itoroedet@gmail.com

I graduated from Covenant University in June, 2008 and my plan was to go for my masters immediately after my service. I completed my NYSC in July 2009 and I was faced with the fear of job hunting, In the process I came across a bulletin of African Internet Summit hosted by Olatunde Samson, I reluctantly paid for the seminar and came for it. It turned out to be an eye opener.

However, with a shallow knowledge I delved into d business n worked with the principles taught for four months, with no profit to show. I gave up and continued job hunting. On December 5th, 2009, I decided to go back to a coach- Olatunde Samson and that became the turning point in my life.

I started my information marketing business with all tenacity and determination, I got a job in one of the blue chip companies and rejected it, it didn’t go down well with my parents. Amidst the pressure I stuck to my guns and it has been very rewarding.

It has not been a smooth ride though but my perseverance has kept me going. Today, Fame resources has the awesome privileged to currently be the trainer to Lagos state Youth Corpers on internet marketing and entrepreneurship business skills.

We recently trained over 500 youths in Living Faith Church, Cannanland on Infoprenurship.

Our information products have been launched and it has impacted in the lives of over 150 youths today.

Proceeds from this business has been used to open up our own perfume line called ‘Always me’ body splash by Mimi. We also train individuals on this.
This is what God has used the seminar I almost rejected to accomplish in my life.

“Faith Emenike” <faith.emenike@yahoo.com>