How I Made My First Million

How I Made My First Million

They call him the youngest rich kid because of his exploits on the internet. Just two years after graduation, Olatunde Samson is a millionaire from the money he made legally on the internet. He spoke with Femi Kehinde how to make money on the internet legally. Excerpts.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Olatunde Samson, the CEO of Business Impact Limited, a company that empowers people on how to make money on the internet.

What of your educational background?

I was born on the 3rd of November 1983. I attended Learning Field primary school at Satellite town, Lagos before precede to Festac College for my secondary school. From there, I went to Olabisi Onabanjo University to study Business Administration and graduated in 2007.

How did you come about internet business

I came about internet business when I was in 200 level in school. When I gained admission, I studies the environment for one year and I discovered that you have to do something to keep body and soul together. When I got t0 200 level, I tried to raise fund on my own to augment my little allowance my home. That was how I stumbled on internet business. It was my pastor at RCCG (Maranatha Parish) that introduced me to the business. He was also into internet business and he introduced it to us. That was how I started. The pastor monitored my progress even up till today. The internet business is what I do for a living.

How can someone go about the internet business and make millions from it. Tell us the step-step guide on how our readers out there can benefit from this internet business.

One thing about internet business is buying and selling. It is a global thing. There are a lot of things to do on the internet but we decided to focus on one thing, that is rendering your skills to be paid for. We have a lot of opportunities but some will not work for Nigerians because of limitations brought about by yahoo boys. We have closed to 25 businesses we can do on the internet. What you have to do is to get a computer system (Pentium 11 or 111) or a laptop, am internet connection and you need the basic knowledge on how to use the internet effectively. You need someone to mentor you. You also need focus and dedication. Lastly you need God. The Bible says God will bless the work of our hands. Even if you put all your efforts, you need God to bless you.

How did you make your first million from the internet business? Can you share how someone else can be a millionaire doing this internet business?

Making millions in Nigeria is an easy thing if you know what you are doing. If you can make millions in Nigeria, you can make billions on the internet judging by the billions of people that log on to the internet worldwide. What I did to make my first million was to sell products of experts. We call it resale right business . Different experts write often to create products which they put the net for sale they give copyright out after you buy. You can re-brand the product. Change the name if you like or sell it the way it is, you will make your money. It is legal business. The first method I used was to get access to those products. I observed that most Nigerians were not open to making money on the internet, I had to look for a way to recreate the product then I resold to Nigerians. I also made N2.5Million in two weeks in September 2008 creating and selling my own products. What I did was to turn what I know to a video. I did about six videos on how to go about the business. Instead of selling it individually, I combined the six the six videos together and blow it out to Nigerians. In two weeks, my income was N2.5 million.

One thing about internet business business is that if you can locate a need create solution to that need, you will keep on making money in Nigeria. If you look around you will see different opportunities, different needs which need solution. People need you to give them solution and they will pay you any amount. What we did was to look for a loophole of what people could do to make a living. We were able to locate the need , create solution to it by putting it on video. Till today, we are still selling the videos. The package is N25,000.

Can you tell us other internet business someone can do

We have over 25 businesses Nigerians can do. You can start with one, build up to a system that bring the income you want, you then move to another.

Before you know , you will have touched all the 25 businesses. We have what we called information marketing that is where I made my first million. That is, you turn what you know to a product or service that you render to people on the internet. Think of any idea, go to Google and search for it, turn it into a product sell to people. Some people are looking for it. We call it information marketing business.

Today people go to newsstand to buy magazines and newspapers and bookshops to buy books. It is because they are looking for information. The person selling it is making his millions. That is information marketing.

We also have what we called affiliate marketing.

This is marketing somebody’s product and you receive commission. We have a lot of experts all over the world who are well known, when can buy their product with a lot of money . You are a middle man between the expert and the buyer. You will be selling for him based on commission. Affiliate marketing is marketing a product on the internet and you collect commission on like 50% or 35% in some cases. What you do is to sign up with them, get a link and promote it. When people go to the link and buy , you get your commission. How do you get your money? You can request for a cheque. When the cheque comes to you, you pay it into your domiciliary account in the bank in Nigeria. Another online business you can tap into in Customized sms. This you can do for companies, banks, institutions.

You do this on the internet and send messages on behalf of your clients to their customers. They pay you based on your agreement with them. We also have online freelance jobs. This applies to you if you are a good writer, a graphic designer, singer or you have one skill or talent. There are places you can on the internet and you can be writing for them based on commission. They will give you a topic which you write on. Once it is approved, they will send you your cheque.

You can write articles and be paid on the internet. You can sell your services on the internet.

Now, can you explain the step-by-step how somebody can collect his/her money after offering services or product on the internet

To receive money has been a major problem for Nigerians but it is now getting easier. There are some companies that has make it easier for Nigerians to receive foreign currency in Nigeria. We have two major ways to receive money. It is either you open an online account which most people have nut not too secure because of people tampering with it. The easier way is for you to request for a cheque or western union money transfer. Better still, you can use people we called online merchants. Let me explain them. Having online account means you have to go to liberty reserve, paypal etc. You register and receive payment though it. Most of the times, Nigerians are denied of opening some of these account because of our level of fraud. You can go for the second which is the best that means you request for cheque on any business you do. They prefer sending you cheque because it is easier for them. In a matter of three days, the cheque will get to you. To clear the cheque, you must have a domiciliary account and it is cleared automatically. The money you will collect will be foreign currency.

Another one I recommend is online merchants in Nigeria. What they do is to receive based on commission. Example is faste cash.

You are a young man under 30 years and have made millions legally on the internet. What advice do you give to young people who are into fraud, hooliganism, cult who are not making use of their God-given potential?

My advice to youth is that they don’t know enough. They can make money legally on the internet. If they have the basic knowledge of how to make legal money on the internet. They won’t be doing that what they are doing they should try and learn from that are doing it and making it.

There are a lot of online expert that are into this business. They can learn from them and get same result they are getting. Another thing is that they should know God. Because no matter how skillful you are, you will be running in circle if you don’t know God. If God can back what you are doing up, you will soon be up there.

Finally what is your relationship with God? Do you pay tithe? If you are paying, how has it help your business and life?

You notice that I emphasize on God. Without you been connected to God, I don’t think you can move far in life, it does not matter how famous you are. I don’t play with tithe. Anybody that plays with tithe is automatically an armed robber. If your tithe is regular, you see things changing for you, I could remember I started paying tithe of N10 and from there to N20 to N50 to thousands now. There is a specific amount I pay now as offering which does not go less than that. Take note of what you give God. He gives you all things. The tithe is to test you. There are some amount of money we give as seed to churches, organization to help their visions. We have never regretted for once. My advice is that no matter how, give to God He shall bless you